Huhn 129 TI

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Huhn 129 Ti - Made in Germany

The Huhn 129 Ti likes back country epics and pedalling laps on your local trails until your legs are fried.

Our Titanium Trailbike is light and nimble with an incredible trail feel, and just the perfect amount of feedback. Its modern geometry puts you in a powerful, confident riding position, so you can focus on what’s ahead. Combine that with the precision of 29" wheels, and you'll be able to cut corners like a chicken does.

You´ve got the freedom to choose between 129mm or 117mm rear travel.
For 129mm rear travel, you need a 210x55mm shock.
For 117mm rear travel, you need a 210x50mm shock.

- incl. custom anodizing / sandblasting finish
- incl. 5 year frame warranty
- incl. lifetime frame program

Feel free to get in touch for a test ride!